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We tailor made-to-measure Communications strategies, Corporate, Brand, Public Relations, Product, Internal, External, Marketing, CSR or Employer Branding, you name it, we create it! We are the Communications architects. You need to understand your audiences’ needs, motivations, and objections so that your communication is persuasive, consistent, precise and targeted, sprinkled with effective messages delivered just at the right time, on the right channels and in the right format. We are looking forward to be working alongside you, helping you in your journey to moving the audience from vision to action.

We support your organization in preparing to respond quickly and effectively when involved in a negative situation, making sure that your brand will maintain a high level of trust and positive relationship with its audience and the end consumer. We have extensive expertise across issues management, crisis communication and scenario planning with political parties or alliances, corporate & financial, capital markets, FMCG, real estate, automotive, gambling, as well as other industry sectors.


We work as an editorial staff of online “micro-magazines” that are in fact the pages of our clients on different social networks. Following the strategy, we develop communication Pillars on which we build weekly content.

We combine government relations, media communications, issue management, corporate and social responsibility, information dissemination and strategic communications advice to build and maintain a strong reputation and find common ground with stakeholders.

We understand how important it is for our clients to develop and cultivate strong and consistent relations with stakeholders. We make sure to maintain the target audience engaged and to identify and deliver them the right messages.

A press trip can create a real connection with a brand or a company and can deliver a personal experience to the journalists. You truly understand a person only after you begin an interaction. A valid statement regarding a brand as well. We know how to bring the companies and the journalists closer.

We identify influencers whose values, audiences and content strategy best suit a brand or a company and we match them. Each campaign is different based on the client’s objectives. We create unique mechanisms to deliver messages to the public while always being genuine, creative and measurable.

We work as an online Social Customer Care Department for the pages of our clients on different social networks. We answer questions, we solve issues, we respond to praises engaging the members of the online community.

We translate our clients’ actions into relevant information for the media in order to catch the attention of the target audience. We adapt each message according to the profile of the media and its area of interest, so that we can fulfil both the needs of our clients in terms of coverage and of the media outlet in terms of compelling information. Most of our team members have professional backgrounds in mass media. This makes us empathize easier with the main need of the journalists: gather INFORMATION. We dig into client’s data, we find new stories and we pitch only relevant subjects, with respect for the public of each media outlet.

We create the perfect environment to connect the clients with the mass-media representatives in order to deliver important messages. We are transforming every single event, even a classical press-conference, into an original one using personalized details and creating relevant experiences with the brand. We are former journalists so we know what are the mass-media expectations and preferences.

An invitation, you might think, is only an invitation. We don’t want to contradict you, but an invitation can be refused or accepted from the first moment. We really like to have our invitations accepted and to make the people we address feel special. We always think of an interesting way to connect with journalists, but most of all how to represent the essence of the brand in every action we take.

Our media training enables the spokesperson of an organization to focus on his own interview objectives, whether facing journalists, reporters, or bloggers. The format includes media literacy, in front of the camera exercises and follow up support.

We craft individual approaches of the social media “chaos” for the objectives of each brand or company. By choosing networks, balancing figures and tailoring messages we design strategies that balance paid and editorial in the benefit of our B2B or B2C clients.

We manage professional societies, trade groups, non-profits or philanthropic organizations in order for them to develop and thrive. The package includes staffing, office space, equipment, contracts, technologies and member services for daily operations as well as expertise, strategic planning, membership development, marketing and communication services using shared resources across multiple clients to increase means and capabilities and to reduce costs.

We provide all the elements for creating a Corporate Social Responsibility ecosystem for our clients: opportunities, relevance, planning, strategy, implementation, evaluation. We develop the most appropriate CSR tactics, in harmony with the clients’ mission, vision and business expectations. 

We like to transport big cars in hotels lobbies or to create campaigns with stand-up famous celebrities. But also, we are trying to give an outstanding touch to every single launching event that we are organizing. We know to create something to remember out of everything, but at the same time we are making our objective to “fit in the budget”.

We gather information to support our clients in taking the best decision is ‘problem solving’ or reshaping the business strategy. The effectiveness of our research projects is related to our capabilities to question and interpret the world around us. So far, our project implied information gathering and theory testing, followed by a rigorous interpretation, recommendations and creative workshops to crystalize actionable solutions.


A company’s mission, vision and values are essential to its growth and success on every level. The VISION focuses on tomorrow and what the organization wants to become. The MISSION statement focuses on today and what the organization does for reaching the vision. The values will serve as principles for the employment process further on and for evaluations of current employees. We’ll define a sum of actions we have to focus on, so we can change the world the way we want. Here’s how you get there: we use an approach that emphasizes research, messaging and strategy to create statements that are meaningful and achievable.

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