Who We Are?

the team who builds trust.


simona dan

You can call me #confident PRiend.

With 25 years of experience in communication, I started my career as a journalist. The main takeaway from those beginnings were the ability to tell stories, the confidence in team members and the grace to nourish friendship. I practice collaborative leadership and I put company goals and team spirit first. My professional path continued up to present in the Public Relations field where I orchestrated the communication for more than 1000 clients.



You can call me #connector PRiend.

I integrate, connect, analyze and harmonize. I’m the master of analyzing and integrating data, experiences, tactics and strategic approaches between clients and especially between industries. I connect people from different worlds and different contexts and integrate them into smart projects for creating new business opportunities for clients. I harmonize teams so that the projects flow naturally according to the needs of our clients.

Senior Public Advisor & Junior Partner


You can call me #curious PRiend because curiosity is what always drives me to better understand and be connected with the things that surround me. I have a background in corporate and brand communication in industries such as pharma and healthcare, real estate, insurance & banking, beauty & lifestyle: media relations, marketing communication, events management, copywriting, digital PR & social media.

Senior Public Advisor

dumitrita hirtie

You can call me #agile PRiend because I am competitive, and I do sports. I believe people can get better, feel better, and perform better with the right mindset and team around. I am a Ph.D. student in Communication Sciences and a PR & Events professional, with comprehensive international experience in the ICT and pharmaceutical industries. Colleagues and friends appreciate me for my genuine attitude and the positive influence I create around me.

Traffic Manager


You can call me #action PRiend because no matter the situation, I always have the right solution. I guide my steps under the motto: “nothing is impossible”. This is the reason for which I embrace challenges and I am always confident to take quick decisions, when the context requires. What I love the most about my job as Traffic Manager is the dynamic that it brings. I am responsible for the administrative, legal and financial activities in the agency and I am open to evolve and to learn as many things as possible so that I can become the best version of myself.

Public Advisor


You can call me #happinessisthenewcool. I graduated the University of Communication and Public Relations and I also studied music since the age of ten and graduated the Art School of Bucharest. Three years ago I’ve joined The Public Advisors team. Personal and professional experience have taught me to appreciate life at the fullest and to enjoy everything around me. I truly believe that you can declare yourself fulfilled, regardless of the activity you carry out, when the mind, body and soul are connected.

At The Public Advisors agency I learned the importance of communication and public relations, also I’m constantly improving and growing my set of skills with the projects I manage: The Romanian Youth Capital, the launch of The Mark office building, Romanian Business Club, promotion campaigns for the date (a brand for events) or developing strategies for Zi de Bine NGO, whose projects reached my heart and, at the same time, is offering me lots of experience in interacting with the press and influencers community.

Public Advisor

Ioana oprescu

You can call me #developer PRiend. I’ve got experience across areas like corporate communication and strategy, fund raising, event planning and social media to name the most important. I’m a PR builder at heart, passionate about what I do and when I’m not working I like to fuel my creativity and amass #goodvibesonly by traveling and reading so I make sure I can take your PR to the next level!

Public Advisor

diana stefan

You can call me #ambitious PRiend. I always seek to learn as many things as possible and to improve myself in everything I do. Being passionate about public relations from an early age, I always sought to develop my professional background and to obtain certain skills in this field. I am sociable, detail-oriented and a good team worker. Being part of this team, helps me discover the real meaning of public relations and grow my professional skills.

Public Advisor

cristina dicu

You can call me #perfectionist PRiend because I always pay attention to details. I like to experiment new things, I’m creative and also I like to prove myself that I can do everything that I want. I study Communication and Public Relations at The National University of Political Studies and Public Administration and, even that I’m still young, I think that my passion for communication will help myself to obtain different skills that will help me in my profession. I’m sociable, ambitious and also I’m  an organised person.

Cristina Dicu
senior Public Advisor

marius doroftei

You can call me the #flying PRiend. That’s because I love aviation, but also because I aim high and deliver. I have a solid background in online media, with excellent communication skills, and I’m excited about new projects.

Public Advisor

raluca bratu-stan

You can call me #diplomatic PRiend That’s because I always follow the protocol of ethics and reputation in interhuman relations. I have with a solid academic background and professional experience in communication sciences and the art of government negotiation. I am a serious analyst, but I am also a creative and enthusiastic artist, which is why I like to think I illustrate the image of a visionary architect whose projects always have a touch of functional elegance.

Raluca Bratu

This Is Our​ Visionary Team.