Recovering progressively after the crisis, the real estate market is in the process of a positive evolution not only in the number of transactions, but also – or especially – in terms of quality standards, facilities and design. S IMMO AG is an Austrian real-estate investment company that focuses exclusively on investments in the European Union. In Romania The S IMMO property portfolio includes Sun Plaza and Novotel.

S IMMO announced the official opening of the office building THE MARK. Located near Piața Victoriei Square, THE MARK has an unique facade that includes a high-tech shading system that intelligently adapt themselves to the weather that can be used to create gigantic letters or images. It also includes two office buildings and is designed as a 15-floors elegant tower, along with a 6-floors Podium. The oficial opening announcement is not for advertising the spaces, given the fact that the building had an occupancy rate of almost 100%.

THE MARK building was decorated by Aldo Giannotti, a reputed modern artist that displays also in Albertina Museum in Wien with a series of modern drawings placed where usually landlords do no decorations at all: the stairs. „Flight of steps” is Giannotti’s exhibition of drawings on the walls of each floor inside the building. Beginning with the garage and ending with the top floor of THE MARK, the stairs of the stairwell served as a canvas for Giannotti’s work, one of the most appreciated European artists. In a very unique and metaphoric way, he drew stairs and showed how they can be used. Each stair together suggest the steps of human existence, from childhood to the old age.


The basic idea of the event is to provide THE MARK’s tenants with a platform to invite their best friends and partners to their new building, but given the fact that THE MARK is an innovative and unique building and that one of the event objectives is to create a community, we had to research the real-estate market and find a concept that fits the criteria and be uniques just like THE MARK.

Also, we decided to do an interactive show so that we create togetherness.



  • THE MARK tenants’ representatives (top and middle management)
  • THE MARK tenants’ employees
  • Other S IMMO partners
  • art & lifestyle press representatives


As S IMMO wants to administrate the property and has no plans to sell it, the objective was to create THE MARKcommunity of tenants.


To achieve this goal, we set up a two-phase communication and event concept.

PHASE 1: Gigantic Hello

At the end of May we used social media channels of THE MARKs tenants, friends of THE MARK and S IMMO AG to sent out a “Hello” to Bucharest and the remaining world. To create interesting content for the first social media posting, we used the façade facing Strada Berzei to display gigantic letters, changing every 30 minutes in the afternoon and evening for one week. Those letters showed messages from THE MARK to Bucharest at the end. The letters generated attention of the people passing by.

This idea is linked and based on a painting that can be found in the Podium Staircase of the building produced by Aldo Giannotti.

PHASE 2: First vertical launching event in Bucharest

On June 26th 2019, we organised the official opening of the office building THE MARK,  an unconventional vertical art event held on the 15 floors of the building. 5 micro-events were organized on the flight of steps and various artists interacted with the guests. The opening was in fact a community party. The concept of the event was worked out together with Aldo Giannotti as a mixture of an art performance and B2B event. The basic idea of the event was to provide THE MARK’s tenants with a platform to invite their best friends and partners to their new building and to show them their new location in a nice way.

Media Tour: Press was divided into two groups: business & real-estate press and art & lifestyle press. They were invited at the Avant-premiere of the event. The first group was greeted by Friedrich Wachernig, board member S IMMO AG and by Daniela Bădulescu, Country Manager S IMMO. Private interviews were held with the business journalists and afterwards, everybody was invited to the party. Art & lifestyle press was entertained by the artist himself: Aldo Giannotti. They went through the whole performance together.

Main event: Furthermore, at the official start of the main event, the guests were welcomed in the main lobby of the tower with a drink. To bring the guests into a right mood, a small art performance was held in the main lobby. In parallel with the welcoming, the guests were invited to enter the staircases of the tower in small groups of 2-4 persons.

At the beginning, the guests will be welcomed in the main lobby of the tower with a drink. To bring the guests into a right mood, there will already be a small art performance in the main lobby. In parallel with the welcoming, the guests will be invited to enter the staircases of the tower in small groups of 2-4 persons.

The staircases displayed a story with Aldo Gianotti’s paintings on the walls. Furthermore, on some landings of the staircases in the tower teams of performance artists were located to explain the art work and to motivate the groups to interact in a specific way (e.g. take the hand of your partners and walk a few steps, jump, dance etc).
On other landings service personal provided food & drinks. On five special floors we had special performances:

  • Here we draw the line – Interactive art show,
  • Lemonade – speech by Gerald Straub,
  • You are a winner – photo boot intervention of Pablo Chiereghin,
  • Dreams are my reality – intervention by Coralie de Gonzaga,
  • Star pillow – drone-ambient concert by Paolo Monti which took place on the building roof top terrace exactly at sun set.

After the tour the guests could use the lifts down to the ground floor and the performance will end with drinks and food for everybody.


  • The interactive artistic moments created a closer relation between the tenants and set the basis of the community.
  • More than 200 people present at the party – 90 % presence of the tenants and a beginning of a beautiful The Mark Community.
  • UTV excusively covered the presence of Aldo Gianotti in Romania.

The concept and the execution were both innovative and creative. We wanted people to discover the building and make them aware of the facilities so we made them climb all the stairs to the top of the building. Also, we set a standard in real-estate, set an example of a healthy business that puts the people first and wants to create a unique space and a real Community.