The annual Teach for Romania Gala had the aim to evidence the power of the togetherness for the future generations and their education. The special guest of the event was Wendy Kopp. The objective of the campaign was the 50% attendance of the invited publications and 90% of them attended the event.                                                  




Teach for Romania is a non-governmental organization, part of the global Teach for All network, which seeks out and prepares valuable people, with or without previous teaching experience, to become teachers in public schools, for children with vulnerable backgrounds or who live in disadvantaged environments.

The annual gala and the 5th anniversary of Teach for Romania had to be organized in a period with many problems in Romanian political education field which could had damaged the objective of the nonprofit organization. The Single Manual Law debates were very aggressive and without an Education Ministry (the last one had been dismissed because some non-compliant public statements), the public opinion and the stakeholders were very focused on these issues.

The annual Teach for Romania Gala had come with the desire to make a collective impact and to remind the public, the political actors and the stakeholders that all of them should believe and focus on the power of the togetherness for the future generations and their education.


At the 5-year anniversary, Teach for Romania invited Wendy Kopp, Co-founder and CEO Teach for All, as the guest star of the gala event.

Our challenge was to bring mass-media at the conference, but using the name of the special guest, Wendy Kopp, who didn’t have much notoriety for the Romanian public, stakeholders or mass-media. Also, we had to be focused on cost efficiency.

We had the mission to present to the journalists Wendy Kopp, the person who founded Teach For America organization in 1989, thus starting the global movement against inequity in education, which today bears the name Teach For All and has reached 48 countries on 6 continents. At this moment, Teach for All has 14,000 teachers and 60,000 students, and the biggest achievement of the program is the fact that 65% of the students remained in the chairs.


  • Target: Mass – Media
  • Objective: 50% attendance of the invited publications


We needed a creative invitation to present Wendy Koop to the journalists, to make them curious to meet Wendy Kopp, and to attend the Annual Conference.

Our strategy approach was to directly ask them in the invitation text: “Who do you think Wendy is?”

We found another character like Wendy who can do magic, as Wendy Koop did for Teach for All, Wendy Darling from Peter Pan story. “Wendy can be Wendy Darling from Peter Pan, but for us is Wendy Koop”, stated the invitation.

Also we invited them to “be part of the story, too. We send you some fairy dust. Use it with confidence.” by sending them fairy dust in a jar in which it was the invitation, folded as a papyrus, so that the journalists can come to the event easier, just as Wendy from the story was traveling to Nowhere.

We realized a partnership with the very well-known Radio Guerilla, and for 2 weeks we had radio commercials about the Conference in which we mentioned Wendy Koop.

We delivered the press-kit to 40



over 90%

of the invited publications attended the event.


estimated reach over 6,132,980 people


The audiovisual media generated 26% of the media coverag

250k €

The event generated an approximate average value of 250,058 EURO.


of the materials that made reference to the event are found in the online environment.


The sources print generated 2% of the media coverage